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Comments (11)

they have the same face

that's cus they have the same emotion xP

HAHAA!!!!! The preview was funny as hell!!!! XD
Anyways... good luck with the next episode! ;3

lol glad ya liked the preview xP and I hope to christ this episode im doing will be a decent enough score :D

Hey! You shaded them!
That's probably going to raise your scores so much, as I though the last characters were kindda plain.

definately. I thought seen as though I coudlnt add effects to the character cus I put it all in a graphic, I decided to go with the more traditional and less laggy way of drawng :P

Thanks man, That dance burned right into my eyes.
Now i will never forget it aah!! :(


will, cloudonica was awesome and a naked, dancing gordon was really scary! :S
anyways, cloudonica = awesome
comix3 = UBER PWNAGE!!

glad y like the demo, and glad you saw the relevance in the video xP cus the video is actually for the purpose of freaking yu out xP

anyway's cloudonia = glad yu like, and i think I WILL finish this game :P
Comix 3: Let's hope it comes out as good as ya say :P

Too bad you are using such an overused style.

I'll tell yu what's overused, anime! in a way this is original, it's just perhaps the shape of the eyes and the way I fill in the lines xp

do you need a writer or something?
(can you write me a script so i may come up with something because i will be glad to help you)

nah it's cool, I've pretty much regained my ability to write again xP but thanx for the offer :)

weeeeeee ya remade the character models XD they look better now

lol they do don't they? And I gotta say they look better animated as well :P

Woot, those models are teh hax0rs.
Or whatever, they look good at any rate.

lol glad ya like them :P I'm sure glad i fixed that arm problem. seriously it looked wierd xP

everything looks really great actually, the dancing crack me up....
also i kinda feel inspired to add some shading to my character in my animation-in-progress :D

lol glad ya like the characters :P rofl I live the dance :P

I've always found it weird how ComiX references vidyo games when it's about a comic shop.