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New characters for ComiX :P

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - April 2nd, 2008

Hi all! Ok, recently I have been cheering with glory over the success of the second installment of the ComiX series. but recently I have been preparing two new characters for this series!

Brian: Old friend of Gordon and Ian. has a posh accent, willing to do anything, and plans to kill the tweenies!

Sarah: Loves video games, movies, all sorts of music, has a lot of mood swings, likes to speak MSN talk occasionly, and her catchphrase "Tertally sweheet!"

Also, redone the menu EVER so slightly, just so I can add the new characters in! I still need a female voice actor, but if anybody can help me with that, it'd be awesome! Also feel free to express your opinion :D I'd be more than happy to take any suggestions :P

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan

PS: Brian is starred by Maxx-Power and heres a link to a little animation to go with his audition :P


Also, new T-shirts are available now! http://www.cafepress.com/diamondarmada GO CHECK THEM OUT!

New characters for ComiX :P

Comments (8)

lol they rhyme

they do :S

Ooooh!! New characters!!! I like that!!! Brian allmost sounds like Ian and Ryan, Mr. Ryan! XD
What will happen in the next one? More problems as allways?! =3

lol well its not nesicerally a problem. the characters (besides gordon) are trying to make a famous music video for youtube. but Gordon feels that's stupid, so he is trying to steal the KFC recipe xP

So it seems its gonna be a problem after all...

lol probably xP

Hehe, last flash i saw by you was that PS3 song thing. Youve definetely come a long way in the graphics department.

i was i'd started learning flash at 15 : /

lol ye i have :P lol I started making flash at 12, but only just found out about newgrounds about 2 years ago :)

I might auddition for Sarah. I have no experince and really suck at it, soo, don't expect it. Looks great though ;3

dusnt neciserally matter about your skill, we just ened a girl voice actor for the actual character xP

Mi Nam ar brian
my name is brian
Lol did you rhyme it on purpose
is sarahs ians gf?
is gordon gay and likes brian

nah i didnt rhyme on purose lol xP
Nah, just friend :D
and no, gordon isnt gay and likes Brian, if yu havent noticed gordon reads porno mags with naked ladies in, as demonstrated in episode one :P

thanks for pointing out the obvious
pss:your zipers down

pss:Sarah looks like she bin fked up a littlis ish iesh iwsh?


lol what was so obvious about that?
pss: oh shit thanx xP
pss: ish? iesh? iwsh? wtf are you saying? xP
pss: I thought I tol yu to get back in ye cupboard!

WOAH those look great! still, I wish that the character's arms would be attached to their sleeves!

lol glad ya like the characters :) meh it's my naimation style, I don't complain about he madness style looking wierd and disfigured xP