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ComiX Characters Re-Drawn!

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - April 8th, 2008

hi everyone! Recently I made new characters for ComiX, Brian and Sarah, and I noticed that Sarah didn;t really fit in with the style that the rest of the people were in. So I decided to re-draw Gordon and Ian al together, fitting with Sarahs style! Attatched is a pciture of what they look like now :D

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o

PS: I edited the microphone, so it's MUCH better now :D

ComiX Characters Re-Drawn!

Comments (6)

OMG!!! They look so much better now! Awesome! When did you get the idea to Re-drawn them? XD

Man, they look so... diffrent than before! Argh!!! I cant just wait for the next episode!

So this means... that Sarah wont be in the episodes, or will she? :o
Yay! First comment! :3

like just today I got the idea xP

lol I wanna get this animated, I just need to get voices, and I need to do my voices, I might re-draw Brian whilst Im at it too :P

ye Sarah will be in the episodes still, like I said I just wanted to make it so Sarah wasn't to only different styled one :)

wow alot better cant wait for episode 3 good luck

lol thanx :) I 'm not animating yet, Im taking a long break of ComiX, cus I've juat ran out of ideas at the moment :)

Hey there! I saw one of your animations 'The PS3 song'
It was good lol I loved the parody. Took me a minute to know who the original was by, but I figured it out later lol *yay*

Good luck with more animations!! ^_^

hi there :) wasn;t really relevant ot the post like, but thanx for the comment :D and ye I hope that the next episode of ComiX will be better :)

Woah, they look much better now. Shading and highlighting can really improve the overall look of a character!

glad ya like the new looks :) And I also fixed the arms too, so now they don't look odd when animated xp

I really like how you put the sine in their hair, I reslly wanna learn how to do that properly :)
anyways nice work, hope Ep.3 goes smoothly

wow thanx for the compliments :)

Well to basically shade in the hair first you draw a criss cross line across the bottom of the hair as shown in the picture and just color the space in a darker version of the original color, then do the same for the top bit, but make a pointed edge kind of line as shown in the picture and then fill that with a lighter version of the original color :) hope that helps :)

PS: ye I hope it does too. I had a serious writers block earlier though, so havent had chance to script stuff. but now I am back, and I ready to start making the script for the episode :)

Very nice, very nice.

Did you do the arms thing I showed you?

glad yu like :D and ye i did follow the tip :D I fealt seen as though Im drawing them all again I figured I'd fx the most important thing needed to fix.. THE ARMS! lol plus they have cheeks now so they can squint :P