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Big Diamond Armada Update!

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - April 17th, 2008

Hi everyone! Ok, Update time! you're probably wondering why this episode is taking much longer to do. Well, recently I've had serious Writers Block, basically meaning I have had no idea what to write or haven't had an idea for something to happen in ComiX 3! But fortunately I am fine again, and I have gotten half way through the scripting of ComiX 3. I have reanimated the ComiX title sequence a bit so I can add Brian and Sarah into the titles, and I think they've come out pretty well :P

On a side note to ComiX, I have been thinking of bringing back the 2 old series I made. Will + Co and N.H.I.H. They've been in my mind for ages, and I have sort of been wondering when i will ever get back to it. So straight after ComiX 3, I am going to either start on Will + Co again, or N.H.I.H. which means redrawing the characters for Will + Co, and brushing up on voices for N.H.I.H, but Im prepared for that. after an episode of that and N.H.I.H is finished i shall get on with ComiX 4! they may not be as successful as ComiX, but they're somethings i like to script voice and animate for, and I've always loved that experience. So ye...

Also, people have been asking me when the hell I'm gonna make like a Wii song or a 360 song. Well I'm saying this to you.... you'll get one! but you'll have to be pretty damn patient, as you know I've got other things to be working on at the moment. but just to let yu know as well, the 360 song or wii song will be made by me! Although I'm still not certain about it, because I know that fanboys will come up to me and bitch about it, and I hardly think it;s worth the trouble. But what do you guys think? Should I just do it anyway? Please comment back on suggestions!

Anyway, back to ComiX Episode Three! I can quickly tell you what this episode is about:

Gordon Goes through a phase of depression when he only just finds out that Cornel Sanders (the guy who created KFC) died years ago. Ian and Sarah both suggest Gordon goes to Rehab to get his life together, and perhaps Brian may want one. There will be a Mario reference, Sopranos reference and a Bioshock reference! Should be fun to animate, as all these people have problems just like Gordon.

OH YE! and just for the fun of it I decided to make Gordon Dance a bit! here's a little preview:

Click here

Hope ya like :P

Also here's a game demo I have started xP

Cloudonica Game Demo!

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o

Big Diamond Armada Update!

Comments (11)

they have the same face

that's cus they have the same emotion xP

HAHAA!!!!! The preview was funny as hell!!!! XD
Anyways... good luck with the next episode! ;3

lol glad ya liked the preview xP and I hope to christ this episode im doing will be a decent enough score :D

Hey! You shaded them!
That's probably going to raise your scores so much, as I though the last characters were kindda plain.

definately. I thought seen as though I coudlnt add effects to the character cus I put it all in a graphic, I decided to go with the more traditional and less laggy way of drawng :P

Thanks man, That dance burned right into my eyes.
Now i will never forget it aah!! :(


will, cloudonica was awesome and a naked, dancing gordon was really scary! :S
anyways, cloudonica = awesome
comix3 = UBER PWNAGE!!

glad y like the demo, and glad you saw the relevance in the video xP cus the video is actually for the purpose of freaking yu out xP

anyway's cloudonia = glad yu like, and i think I WILL finish this game :P
Comix 3: Let's hope it comes out as good as ya say :P

Too bad you are using such an overused style.

I'll tell yu what's overused, anime! in a way this is original, it's just perhaps the shape of the eyes and the way I fill in the lines xp

do you need a writer or something?
(can you write me a script so i may come up with something because i will be glad to help you)

nah it's cool, I've pretty much regained my ability to write again xP but thanx for the offer :)

weeeeeee ya remade the character models XD they look better now

lol they do don't they? And I gotta say they look better animated as well :P

Woot, those models are teh hax0rs.
Or whatever, they look good at any rate.

lol glad ya like them :P I'm sure glad i fixed that arm problem. seriously it looked wierd xP

everything looks really great actually, the dancing crack me up....
also i kinda feel inspired to add some shading to my character in my animation-in-progress :D

lol glad ya like the characters :P rofl I live the dance :P

I've always found it weird how ComiX references vidyo games when it's about a comic shop.