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Updates and new Podcast!

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - May 6th, 2008

Hey everyone! Ok there's a lot to update on I understand!

First of all, new website design coming this way. to view the actual website design for the homepage so far check out www.diamondarmada.com now :P

Secondly, It seems as though I have almost finished my Epical Trance album "Knocked Down to Disaster!". you can view the preview to the actual knocked down to disaster song on www.myspace.com/epicaltrance which is the official myspace page of epical trance :P it needs more views and friends, so pelase adde if you like me :P

Thirdly, Animation update Time. well, I know you're eagerly anticipating ComiX episode three... sadly that's gonna have to wait a lot longer, as I have got exams soon. luckily I am able to make a few other cartoons. firstly, do you remember N.H.I.H? Well I started practising the voices again and decided to go back to N.H.I.H for another go :P the only thing that's changed is my voice has gotten deeper, the sergeants voice has kind of changed and he has a new personality! so I am making episode 6 :P also I am thinking of taking part in sonic shorts volume three. I have already made a piece for it and hopefully it should be accepted xP

fourthly, have ANY of you ever heard of KnoxFan25's cartoons, known as "Chris and Friends"? well him and me are both making a podcasting series! that's right, in this we are including updates on what we are both doing, reviews about films, interviews with various famous arists, and music from various artists :P the first two episodes are pretty unorganised but you can hear from us and what we are doing, and you can view the first two episodes on the official website here at www.thisandthat.tk right now :P

Lastly, for old times sake, here's a pic of ther N.H.I.H characters xP

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o

PS: this is a little enquiry about newgrounds. suddenly I can never really pick a good enough time to post things anymore, cus as days go by, LOADS of awesome rated cartoons start randomly appearing :O I can never really pick a good enough day to post cartoons so they get recognised more. what do you guys think?

Updates and new Podcast!

Comments (8)

The characters look great, I never have seen that particular series of yours, but it looks cool; I'll check it out. Neat idea doing a podcast, I'm not a huge fan of podcasts, but I may take a listen.

hey dude, compliments appreciated :P ye I like the character designs, I honestly like voice acting them too :D and ye the podcast is a good idea :D having said that th2 2 episodes aren't nesiceraly organized but all will become much more organized in due time :P

expose expose expose

hmm myes :)

Dont worry! I can wait for ComiX! :3 Good luck with it anyway!!! I hope its gonna rock!!!
And when i have seen it when it comes out and you wanna know if i fought it rocked, i will write it down... so be ready!!! (Lol... XD)
Also... nice pic! :P

lol I bet ya cant wait for it :P and ye Ill watch out for the comment :D

Also, I love those charactr designs, I really do :P


yay, yu phrased my song :P yu can get all the lyrics on that song on the myspace page ya kno xP

He almost said "FUK U" as many times you use the smiley :P or xP
lol, :P

ye ino but at least what I say has meaning, kind of represents what my mood is like:) <-- just like now!

pretty cool stuff, i might check out that podcast thing, sounds pretty good.


lol glad ya like my things :D ye dont expect TOO much on the podcast thingy cus we only got 2 episodes

pic reminds me of sonic :)

lol sure xP

Why do you have a blonde afro?