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New Series, What's Next and other stuff!

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - May 21st, 2008

Hey guys! Ok, I have been caught up with exams altely, but that has stopped! I have now got a lot of free time on my hands, so I am back with animating.

Anyway, I will be making a new series along side ComiX called "Maximus!" Now, Maximus is basically about this guy who thinks he's evil and tries to do all these big great evil deeds, but always instead does some good deeds, messes up on some occasions or just crys in front of people. Each episode will be based on his life and will be a series of shorts, basically meaning these episodes will be short, but that's only because there's not really that much to talk about in these episodes. So if I ever do make a ComiX DVD, along side that DVD will be 2 other CDS, and extras CD and the Maximus series!

ComiX wise I am starting to get back into animating the third episode again. I have lost my writers block ever since I thoguht of Maximus, so I've gotten back to animating ComiX again. I think that I will do is I will add an episode of ComiX onto newgrounds and then after that a Maximus episode and then another ComiX episode etc. So ye expect some decent progress and a decent episode of ComiX Episode Three! Below this news thread is a little screen shot of how far I've gotten. Ya gotta love his face!

Now, About my solo band! I have pretty much almost finished the last song to go along the solo album, and then I will be releasing it... well... that's the thing... I don't know how to publish such a record. So if you guys could give me some suggestions on how I can go on with doing this? But in the meantime if you live locally in Leeds, or anywere in the UK, look out for tour dates for Epical Trance. Keep checking up on http://www.myspace.com/epicaltrance for tour dates. I might be doing a lot of tours during the 3 months of awesomeness of no school forever time, so ye look forward to some awesomeness there :)

next off, I am hosting a collab! check out the info here! We need more people in this collab, seriously! lol: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/90 8712/1

Finally, some of you may of heard about rina-chan's newest interview experience. yep, me and knoxfan25 have made a new episode in our podcast series called "this and that with chris and will" in which rina-chan has been interviewed. we asked people on a forum website if they have any questions, and surprisingly, a lof of the were really imaature, rude and darn right wrong, so shame on you... but having said that there were some SENSIBLE questions so we used them and we managed to build up the 30 mins we have on each episode. anyway, you can check out the series on http://www.thisandthat.tk and we amanaged to make an itunes podcast, so if ya wanna check it out, go to http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZS tore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=281010473 now :)

But we want an answer from ya... who would yu like to be intreviewed next? we have a list here:

CZ-Backlash (Red ranger on Parody Rangers)
Kirbopher15 (Creator of Parody rangers)
Tomamoto (voice actor, creator of Avatar Boredum Dub)
Egoraptor (Awesome guy!)
Rubberninja (Creator of Gamer Tonight)
David Firth (Fat-Pie)

so which one would YOU want to be interviewed next?

But ALSO, are you famous? are you a talented voice actor animator and is known a lot? do you want to be interviewed. if so contact us on our SKYPE accounts: diamond-armada or christopher.john.dell.isola.ii and tell us on there. if you don't have a skype account, GET ONE NOW! GO TO http://www.skype.com and make one, so we can interview you through that!

Well I guess that's all we can really say for now, but keep up with updates on what we're doing :D

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o

New Series, What's Next and other stuff!

Comments (9)

Wow, seems like you are quite the busy man. ComiX, Maximus, Interviews, Collab, Music. Well wish you the best of luck on all those items and really can't wait for Maximus really want to see how it turns out.

lol ye I am a bit busy as it is, not to mention I still got some exam going. but I try and fit them all in to the time I get. obviously I will get more time when the exams are over and I can finally escape the clutches of school and education for a whole 3 months off! but ye can't wait to get Maximus done. I wanna get a proffesional sound for Maximus cus at the moment it looks like this short series has potential, and ya never know it might actually be a famous enough series to be full length :)

Wow, you have about as much on your plate as I do....Anyways, Good luck with your stuff man, looking forward to your new series!


ye I am a bit busy as it is :S but ah well it will all be done :D and ey Can't wait to get started on Maximus xP

i did a big ol newgrounds blog post weeks and weeks ago where i let people ask me every conceivable question possible so that I would not have to do interviews.
it saves time. time that can be spent eating sandwiches.

lol mkay well it was basically knoxfan25's idea to post the podcast info up, so I did xP

also, it is kina pointless using your post now, because it says "NO QUESTIONS AFTER THIS POINT WILL BE ANSWERED!" so it wouldn't be of much use if we asked you the stuff there. and that question post erally meant we could ask you ANYTHING, but we were aiming more for the cartoons you've amde and all your creations and stuff :)

My vote goes to Doki.

cool :)

hey dude!!! lol :D

hey dude!!! lol :D

hey dude, you are doing A LOT of stuff!! serisously, if i did as much as you i would like die of hunger cause i would have any time to eat. :p well hope all goes well with the new series and the music and Comix and the podcast. Also, we would loved to be inviewed. Give us a Pm if you can :D

hey dude :) yep I am a bit busy as it is xP but I am determined I can do this :) I mean I've got like 3 months of freedom don't forget :)

also thanx for the good luck, and If ya wanna talk to us, make a skype account at www.skype.com so we can interview on there :) that's what we always use when it comes to interviewing, only this time Im recording it and not chris, cus chris's recording took like MILLIONS of megabytes... well like 39, but now mine are like smaller and I have better program :)

I suggest you take a good strong look at your life and make some changes. God is NOT happy about such foul immorality. Life is a test and these guys are failing miserably. Judgement day is not far off so pull your head out if it is stuck in the wrong place.

if god isn't happy, let there be raining cows, I would love to see that happen wouldn't you?! As if it's ever gonna happen!

Also what's wrong with what I'm doing huh? I'm ENJOYING my life to the fullest, I am creating what I thought would be impossible for me, and I love doing these things, sure Im busy but I don't care I LIKE doing what I'm doing, is it a sin to live your life to the best? does it say in the bible if you make flash cartoons, voice act in anything or make music you will be punished, NO IT DOESN'T. And don;t give me all this bull crap of "ye it does say that" cus belive me I have read the bible... and it's a load of crap to be honest

Don't listen to Sekhem he's just a stupid troll.

Anyway, everything looks awesome. To be honest I'm just eagerly awaiting the next Comix, the first two came out so quickly I immediately went into Comix withdrawl after the next one wasn't released fast enough. lol, j/k I know your busy.
About who I think you should interview next, I'd go with ZekeySpaceyLizard he's an interesting guy and I'd like to hear what he has to say about... whatever.

So good luck on future projects. I'm eager to see your new stuff.

lol thanx :) ye he was a bit wrong in the head. ah well. anyway, glad ya like the stuff :) Don't worry, ComiX looks like it's gonna be great, and so does maximus episode one xP casn't wait to finish botjh :) also ye I was kinda thinking ZekeySpaceyaLizard as well :) ye it should e good :P so ye thanx for the good lucks and You will be pleasently surprised with all new and upcoming things :P

Good look trying to get hold of firth. i pick him out of that list though :)

I wish I'd have got into flash at your age, I only started learning it last year : /

lol it takes a while to get used to flash, but in the end,it's all great :P