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Back to old school for now >:(

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - May 25th, 2008

Hey everyone. ok, you know how excited you were for the new and upcomnig episode of ComiX? and how there were gonna be new characters.... wait untill after ComiX 3 guys. seriously I cannot be bothered going back to drawing Ged and Brian after the whole"mac been rebooted" story. so ye, it will only contain Gordon and Ian in ComiX 3 for now, so in ComiX 4 we introduce the new characters. hopefully that way Episode Three and be more organised. so ye, keep an eye out for these familier characters!

PS: Im still gonna go ahead with maximus, seen as though I didn't do much with him anyway :)

Back to old school for now >:(

Comments (3)

Ohh too bad we are going to wait till episode 4 to see the new characters D:

But , i doesn't matter cause we will always have Godon and Ian :D

lol ye it's a shame I wanted to have brian and ged in the next one lol xP

Oh by the way the look awemome in the picture , haha 2 posts by me , that pathetic

lol nah it's not pathetic xP. and ye I'm proud of how they came out. ironically I made these in school... and I hate school :S lol

One more question ( yes , i have nothing to do ) : Did you entered the Metal Gear Collab ?? I sent my Flash (very crappy by the way ) , i hope i enter and if did one i hope you have enterd too :D

P.S : I hate shool too >:(

lol actually no I didn't. I wanted to, and I had an idea for one too, but it's too late now :( so ye I'm keeping it for some short parody series I might be doing :). and ye good luck with your metal gear flash, hopefully it should enter :D

PS: I've left school :D I'm hopefully going to be in music college if I get my 4 D's in school and if music college have accepted me :P