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Progress already :P

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - May 27th, 2008

hey dudes :P just a quick update on how I'm doing on ComiX :P I've already finished the script and voices for ComiX 3, and have now started animating the first section :P See? Much easier when you're just working with Gordon and Ian. Don't get me wrong it's still pretty easy to work with Brian and Ged, but still I get more things done when it's just gordon and ian in a shorter time :) Anyway, here's a picture of how it's looking so far and tell me what a think of both versions :)

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o

Progress already :P

Comments (6)

A Pink Dress......

I wonder what is in store for this exciting episode.

rofl it's nothing really, you only see him in that for like 3-4 seconds, it doesn't reveal a plot really xP

but which one do you think looks better, top or bottom?

I think bottom definetly , but i know that if you decide to make all the episode in "high quality " it's gonna take you more time , and we really don't want that do we ? Maybe you can leave this super quality upgrade for episode 4 , so we may see the new characters AND the new version of Gordon and Ian


well I guess I could always just give the old characters a bit f shading untill the new episode comes along :) besides it'll be much easier :)


Because it is funny and the it looks like Ian is enjoying Gordan in a dress and not in the humorous way.

lol ye xP

i think the bottom too, seeing as it has the shading :D
i love shading thing :3 <------ive never used that emoticon before!!!

the bottom TWO for YOU thas COO! ye i lie shading as well @@@8) <---- heck I just thoght of that now, and I;ve NEVER used it xP looks like Marge Simpsons off Simpsons xP

PS: yu wanted to be interviewed right? well right now Im working on a podcast series of my own, I'll get in touch with ya when Im ready to interview you :D

The PS3 Song was AWESOME, man! :D

thank you so much man... anything you wanna say thats related to the news thread? no offense, it's grea that you loved the cartoon, but we're moer on the topic of ComiX at this moment :D

I'm looking forward to it
i loved number 1 and 2 and i know number 3 will be awesome.
and dont hate me coz of chris.

lol glad ya like the series so far :P
and nah i, not gonna hate ya xP