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I love it, it's just

too confusing. I've enver gotten around what you're supposed to do on these games, somebody help me out, cus I like the idea, i love the drawings and the sounds, and the battle sequences... just I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how to play these games.

none the less, good job xD

ok, wow

this was actually pretty intensifying! loved every bit of it! it's kind of ridiculous how a shark can pull down such a huge plane, but fuck it, doesn't have to be realistic! all in all:

Graphics: 10 / 10 (everything seemed so dazzling and smooth)

Sound: 10 / 10 great music at the menu, it's catchy :P also the in game music pretty much suits it

Gameplay: 10 / 10 (simple enough controls to get used to, an doesn't over complicate things)

Overall: 10 / 10 awesome game man, keep it up :P

great game

its fucking hard though xD

I did it!

It took me ages, but I did it :P anyway this is a great game, keep it up :D

I cant play poker anyway >_<

its annoyingly hard, how do you play it?!

That's gonna haunt me for the rest of my life

but still, it was awesome! :P keep up the good work my man :D

It was good

no as good as the origional though, cus

1. you couldnt see yourself underground on this game
2. you couldnt get high enough to hit any helicopters etc.

apart from that, it was ok.

a tip that might help: make the ground alpha so you can see yourself, but also add a darker brown background behind the alphad movie clip and the deeathworm.

wow! Absolutely amazing!

I love the origionality of this game, and the songs are catchy! However, I found something wrong in the game, when you play the second song on hard difficulty, at the end it doesnt say what percentage it has and the background just keeps looping and you dont go back to the menu screen. I don'yt knwo if its just me, but plz fix it if it isnt just me xP

Overall, what an amazing game!

Coolio-Niato responds:

I just checked...doesn't seem to glitch. You mean the song bounc3 right?

Hey I hope you win the prize money!

dude Ithat was AWSOME! Ive always kinda liked these kind of games, I missed a few of them but ah well, it was still an awsome game.

PS: 2 reviews back theres a guy called "negina" Hes a fuckin asshole, I bet if he made a game HED be buying pointless shit 9like the things he suggested hed buy xP). Awsome game by the way!

Ye, this is one good game...

Though earlier you responded to one of your reviews saying "theres not a lot of rythm you can do in flash" ... your wrong. What's wrong with yours is probably the sounds. Listen yo your sounds, or if you have audacity check to see it it has a short pause at the beginning of the sound. that might be the cause as to why some guy said when you press the keys its not in very good rythm. and if thats the case, fix it and edit your submission to newgrounds :P

Overall, very good game :D

OXXOI77777 responds:

Actually, the sounds are computer generated and I cut away the first silent portion.

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