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DAGamesOfficial's News

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - March 22nd, 2008

Hi all! Well, I'm curently working on ComiX Episode Two, and it's coming along great! Ill give you a run down on what the story is.

Basically there's a new shop that has opened across the street to the ComiX shop, and Gordon and Ian are worried they might lose business because of the other shop doing better than the ComiX shop, so they try and do something about it xP

This cartoon features Tekken references, Croc 2 references, and portal references, so it's gonna be awesome :P Anyway, here;s a little picture to get you hyped about it :P Enjoy!

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o

ComiX Episode Two Update!

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - March 17th, 2008

Hi everyone! Finally, ComiX episode one is officially finished! Overall this took 2 months t create (well,with gaps, so it should really be 3 weeks).In this episode, Gordon and Ian get a visit from a detective, who is searching the vacinity for illegal activity. what's in stall for Gordon and Ian? go watch it here:


Also includes three bonus animations at the end! AAND, a special guest appears in this cartoon... someone you may actually know who you love and cherish... BLOCKHEAD! Hope you enjoy!

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o

ComiX Episode One is finished!

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - February 26th, 2008

Hi everyone! Wow, I haven't been working on ComiX for a while, so I thought I might give you another screen shot to show how far I have gotten. Ye the reason why I haven't been working on it is because I was first waiting for The-Swain to get back to me with the voices (By the way Mike Swain, awesome voices) and secondly I have been in confusion with school and trying to get my music college application form sorted. So I haven't had much time to work on it. I should probably be on track now, and I can work on ComiX more :)

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o

ComiX update!

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - February 23rd, 2008

You Decide... Personally I can't because they're both as good.

They both have the gaming knowledge
They both have the animation skills
And they both rock!

So ye, You decide...

Awsome Series, or Gamer tonight?!

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - February 4th, 2008

Hi everyone :) recently I have been working on the first episode of ComiX. So far I have got about 25% done already. This first episode is probably gonna be the shortest one of the series (well, I say short, but it's longer than the rest I've done). Anyway, Below this thread you can see a picture of the bit I'm at so far.

I have also decided to add another feature into the ComiX series. at the end of each episode, as well as there been a comic drawn as if the character made it, There's gonna be a question, answer, and fan mail type cartoon at the end as well called "Ask the Goth!" I might present it as a separate series, but for now It's going in ComiX. the picture of the goth is my display picture. if you want to send a question via email (only the appropriate ones will be shown, no immature cock jokes okay?) here's the email:


In other news, I have made a new website design. the changes haven't been applied to all of the website yet, but I am working on that too :) here's the link to the home page:


ComiX update!

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - January 16th, 2008

Hi all! Ok, recently I have been working on revising for my exams, so I haven't had much to do with flash lately. however, in my spare time I hope to make a new series!

The series is called "ComiX" and basically this series takes place in a comic shop were anything can happen or go wrong or anything like that (in short i just think of a random story-line for the particular episode and then make it seem funny).

Anyway, there's gonna be 2 main characters, who are friends with each other. they are called Ian (the black haired guy voiced by my brother) and Gordon (The brown, long haired guy voiced by me). they met because of their jobs (they saw each other at school but never used to hang around with each other). they both had the same interest, and didn't do TO well in their exams, so they ended up working at a place were they can both enjoy their hobbies, selling comics in a comic sop, and MAKING their own.

on EVERY episode I am making a small comic as well, and they are gonna be voiced out by me and my brother (of course) and they are going to be in different styles for each episode, so you know which character is was MEANT to be drawn by.

Anyway, i am currently starting Episode One now! At the bottom of this news thread there is a picture of what the main menu of each episode should look like (except "Episode One!" shall be changed each time obviously xP

To help promote this series, I have made desktop backgrounds for the Comix Series! they come in PC format and mac format! here are the links:

Mac 1! Windows 1! Mac 2! Windows 2!

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o

PS: Here's a link to the title sequence to this cartoon: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

New Series In The making!

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - January 1st, 2008

Hi everyone! First of all, HAPPY NEW YEYAH! Well, seen as though it;s the new year, the new website is up and running now! Clic here to go to it:


Seen as though its 2008, I am now using my new style and new logo! So ye, thingas are gonna run differently this year:

1. Sadly there won't be as much animations been posted this year because of exams :( but hopefully i can get all that out of the way and then get on with my stuff :P
2. It will take longer to do my animations because ofthe new style, but in the end they will come out better than ever!
and finally 3...... fuck the three!

Anyway, Already I have posted my first 2008 flash. well, its actually a game (wow, I've actually changed!).This is called Keyboard hero! it's only a beta, but you can still enjoy the song you play on there. Here's the link:


If there's any problems with this game, feel free to comment, as this is a beta, so if there ARE any problems I can fix them :P

So ye, hope yu all have a good yeyah ahead of ya :P

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o

PS: I have made a little chat room on my website: www.diamondarmada.com/chat.html if ya ever wanna cat with me, or just chat with anybody else on the website, feel free :P

PSS: I have started up a solo band called Epical Trance! Go to www.myspace.com/epicaltrance if ya wanna hear the songs :P here's a picture of the album cover!

A new year, a new start, a new game!

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - December 13th, 2007

Hi everyone! I finally released my new Job cartoon to newgrounds :P Heres the link:


Have your say! What do you think of it :P i do hope you enjoy :D

Also, I have noticed that "my newgrounds" has taken over "waterlollies". WHAT THE FUCK MAN?! I just can't believe they'd do that! but then i found this on newgrounds top 50:

Waterlollies: 4.58
my newgrounds: 4.48

and yet somehow "my newgrounds" is higer than waterlollies! Ur gonna have to modify that Fulp, or anybody who runs the portal around were yu are!

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o

Jeff Cranbourne Show Released! Also, score problems!

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - December 11th, 2007

Hi all! Ok, recently in school all I've heard from my friends is silent hill, zombie games, metroid, and all those kind of games. Usually I try and learn them out of it by talking about something else that we don't usually talk about, but they don't listen, which makes me neglected, and makes them sad (sad as in "get a life" sad). So I decided to make a little strip showing one of my "friends" talking like a sad prick. Hope ya like :P

PS: the dark green-blue shirted guy has some text on his shirt, its actually true whats on there!
PSS: if you can't see it clearly (I know I can't) you can go see the bigger sized picture here: http://www.sheezyart.com/view/1582836/

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o

Small comic strip :P

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - December 5th, 2007

Hi everyone! Just released another Games Booze and Films episode :P go check it out here:


This is a pretty short episode, but thats what this series is about, short simple jokes! ah well, Hope ya enjoy!

In other news, 3 new cartoons are in the making. A random Xmas cartoon (more based on Will + Co), a New years eve cartoon, and a big half an hour flash movie I have had an idea of for ages!

More on the topic of the half an hour flash movie, this is gonna be a horror/comedy flash movie split into 3 parts. each part will be submitted through each week. this should take a bloody long time, but expect to see it sometime in june 2008. I got this inspiration from LegendaryFrog's "The Hobbit!" after watching it I went on Dead Rising. Then I suddenly thought, why dont I make a horror/comedy split into three parts!
Of Cource, I will finish it all before I split it up and to make sure that I wont have to keep on moving the deadline for it. So through each month I will update you on how each of these three movies (ESPECIALLY the half an hour movie) are coming along. soon i will post up a picture of the menu screen for each cartoon!

Also, I have formed a solo band and a 2 man band! yep my solo band is called "Epical Trance!" and you can find me at http://www.myspace.com/epicaltrance and my 2 man band is called "Land of Hell!" and... hasnt got a myspace yet, but as soon as we finish recording three of our songs, we shall post them onto the myspace page when we make it :P

For now though, heres a picture of me and my drawing I did in school!

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o

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