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DAGamesOfficial's News

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - May 27th, 2008

hey dudes :P just a quick update on how I'm doing on ComiX :P I've already finished the script and voices for ComiX 3, and have now started animating the first section :P See? Much easier when you're just working with Gordon and Ian. Don't get me wrong it's still pretty easy to work with Brian and Ged, but still I get more things done when it's just gordon and ian in a shorter time :) Anyway, here's a picture of how it's looking so far and tell me what a think of both versions :)

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o

Progress already :P

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - May 25th, 2008

Hey everyone. ok, you know how excited you were for the new and upcomnig episode of ComiX? and how there were gonna be new characters.... wait untill after ComiX 3 guys. seriously I cannot be bothered going back to drawing Ged and Brian after the whole"mac been rebooted" story. so ye, it will only contain Gordon and Ian in ComiX 3 for now, so in ComiX 4 we introduce the new characters. hopefully that way Episode Three and be more organised. so ye, keep an eye out for these familier characters!

PS: Im still gonna go ahead with maximus, seen as though I didn't do much with him anyway :)

Back to old school for now >:(

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - May 21st, 2008

Hey guys! Ok, I have been caught up with exams altely, but that has stopped! I have now got a lot of free time on my hands, so I am back with animating.

Anyway, I will be making a new series along side ComiX called "Maximus!" Now, Maximus is basically about this guy who thinks he's evil and tries to do all these big great evil deeds, but always instead does some good deeds, messes up on some occasions or just crys in front of people. Each episode will be based on his life and will be a series of shorts, basically meaning these episodes will be short, but that's only because there's not really that much to talk about in these episodes. So if I ever do make a ComiX DVD, along side that DVD will be 2 other CDS, and extras CD and the Maximus series!

ComiX wise I am starting to get back into animating the third episode again. I have lost my writers block ever since I thoguht of Maximus, so I've gotten back to animating ComiX again. I think that I will do is I will add an episode of ComiX onto newgrounds and then after that a Maximus episode and then another ComiX episode etc. So ye expect some decent progress and a decent episode of ComiX Episode Three! Below this news thread is a little screen shot of how far I've gotten. Ya gotta love his face!

Now, About my solo band! I have pretty much almost finished the last song to go along the solo album, and then I will be releasing it... well... that's the thing... I don't know how to publish such a record. So if you guys could give me some suggestions on how I can go on with doing this? But in the meantime if you live locally in Leeds, or anywere in the UK, look out for tour dates for Epical Trance. Keep checking up on http://www.myspace.com/epicaltrance for tour dates. I might be doing a lot of tours during the 3 months of awesomeness of no school forever time, so ye look forward to some awesomeness there :)

next off, I am hosting a collab! check out the info here! We need more people in this collab, seriously! lol: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/90 8712/1

Finally, some of you may of heard about rina-chan's newest interview experience. yep, me and knoxfan25 have made a new episode in our podcast series called "this and that with chris and will" in which rina-chan has been interviewed. we asked people on a forum website if they have any questions, and surprisingly, a lof of the were really imaature, rude and darn right wrong, so shame on you... but having said that there were some SENSIBLE questions so we used them and we managed to build up the 30 mins we have on each episode. anyway, you can check out the series on http://www.thisandthat.tk and we amanaged to make an itunes podcast, so if ya wanna check it out, go to http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZS tore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=281010473 now :)

But we want an answer from ya... who would yu like to be intreviewed next? we have a list here:

CZ-Backlash (Red ranger on Parody Rangers)
Kirbopher15 (Creator of Parody rangers)
Tomamoto (voice actor, creator of Avatar Boredum Dub)
Egoraptor (Awesome guy!)
Rubberninja (Creator of Gamer Tonight)
David Firth (Fat-Pie)

so which one would YOU want to be interviewed next?

But ALSO, are you famous? are you a talented voice actor animator and is known a lot? do you want to be interviewed. if so contact us on our SKYPE accounts: diamond-armada or christopher.john.dell.isola.ii and tell us on there. if you don't have a skype account, GET ONE NOW! GO TO http://www.skype.com and make one, so we can interview you through that!

Well I guess that's all we can really say for now, but keep up with updates on what we're doing :D

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o

New Series, What's Next and other stuff!

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - May 6th, 2008

Hey everyone! Ok there's a lot to update on I understand!

First of all, new website design coming this way. to view the actual website design for the homepage so far check out www.diamondarmada.com now :P

Secondly, It seems as though I have almost finished my Epical Trance album "Knocked Down to Disaster!". you can view the preview to the actual knocked down to disaster song on www.myspace.com/epicaltrance which is the official myspace page of epical trance :P it needs more views and friends, so pelase adde if you like me :P

Thirdly, Animation update Time. well, I know you're eagerly anticipating ComiX episode three... sadly that's gonna have to wait a lot longer, as I have got exams soon. luckily I am able to make a few other cartoons. firstly, do you remember N.H.I.H? Well I started practising the voices again and decided to go back to N.H.I.H for another go :P the only thing that's changed is my voice has gotten deeper, the sergeants voice has kind of changed and he has a new personality! so I am making episode 6 :P also I am thinking of taking part in sonic shorts volume three. I have already made a piece for it and hopefully it should be accepted xP

fourthly, have ANY of you ever heard of KnoxFan25's cartoons, known as "Chris and Friends"? well him and me are both making a podcasting series! that's right, in this we are including updates on what we are both doing, reviews about films, interviews with various famous arists, and music from various artists :P the first two episodes are pretty unorganised but you can hear from us and what we are doing, and you can view the first two episodes on the official website here at www.thisandthat.tk right now :P

Lastly, for old times sake, here's a pic of ther N.H.I.H characters xP

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o

PS: this is a little enquiry about newgrounds. suddenly I can never really pick a good enough time to post things anymore, cus as days go by, LOADS of awesome rated cartoons start randomly appearing :O I can never really pick a good enough day to post cartoons so they get recognised more. what do you guys think?

Updates and new Podcast!

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - April 19th, 2008

hi everyone! Ok, I know I've been doing animations lately, but I have also been making music for 2 of my bands :P my solo band has now got 3 new songs from the new album I am making and there are 4 songs by my 2 man band! here are the inks to both

Epical Trance (solo band)
Land Of Hell (2 man band)

Music Updates!

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - April 17th, 2008

Hi everyone! Ok, Update time! you're probably wondering why this episode is taking much longer to do. Well, recently I've had serious Writers Block, basically meaning I have had no idea what to write or haven't had an idea for something to happen in ComiX 3! But fortunately I am fine again, and I have gotten half way through the scripting of ComiX 3. I have reanimated the ComiX title sequence a bit so I can add Brian and Sarah into the titles, and I think they've come out pretty well :P

On a side note to ComiX, I have been thinking of bringing back the 2 old series I made. Will + Co and N.H.I.H. They've been in my mind for ages, and I have sort of been wondering when i will ever get back to it. So straight after ComiX 3, I am going to either start on Will + Co again, or N.H.I.H. which means redrawing the characters for Will + Co, and brushing up on voices for N.H.I.H, but Im prepared for that. after an episode of that and N.H.I.H is finished i shall get on with ComiX 4! they may not be as successful as ComiX, but they're somethings i like to script voice and animate for, and I've always loved that experience. So ye...

Also, people have been asking me when the hell I'm gonna make like a Wii song or a 360 song. Well I'm saying this to you.... you'll get one! but you'll have to be pretty damn patient, as you know I've got other things to be working on at the moment. but just to let yu know as well, the 360 song or wii song will be made by me! Although I'm still not certain about it, because I know that fanboys will come up to me and bitch about it, and I hardly think it;s worth the trouble. But what do you guys think? Should I just do it anyway? Please comment back on suggestions!

Anyway, back to ComiX Episode Three! I can quickly tell you what this episode is about:

Gordon Goes through a phase of depression when he only just finds out that Cornel Sanders (the guy who created KFC) died years ago. Ian and Sarah both suggest Gordon goes to Rehab to get his life together, and perhaps Brian may want one. There will be a Mario reference, Sopranos reference and a Bioshock reference! Should be fun to animate, as all these people have problems just like Gordon.

OH YE! and just for the fun of it I decided to make Gordon Dance a bit! here's a little preview:

Click here

Hope ya like :P

Also here's a game demo I have started xP

Cloudonica Game Demo!

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o

Big Diamond Armada Update!

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - April 8th, 2008

hi everyone! Recently I made new characters for ComiX, Brian and Sarah, and I noticed that Sarah didn;t really fit in with the style that the rest of the people were in. So I decided to re-draw Gordon and Ian al together, fitting with Sarahs style! Attatched is a pciture of what they look like now :D

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o

PS: I edited the microphone, so it's MUCH better now :D

ComiX Characters Re-Drawn!

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - April 2nd, 2008

Hi all! Ok, recently I have been cheering with glory over the success of the second installment of the ComiX series. but recently I have been preparing two new characters for this series!

Brian: Old friend of Gordon and Ian. has a posh accent, willing to do anything, and plans to kill the tweenies!

Sarah: Loves video games, movies, all sorts of music, has a lot of mood swings, likes to speak MSN talk occasionly, and her catchphrase "Tertally sweheet!"

Also, redone the menu EVER so slightly, just so I can add the new characters in! I still need a female voice actor, but if anybody can help me with that, it'd be awesome! Also feel free to express your opinion :D I'd be more than happy to take any suggestions :P

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan

PS: Brian is starred by Maxx-Power and heres a link to a little animation to go with his audition :P


Also, new T-shirts are available now! http://www.cafepress.com/diamondarmada GO CHECK THEM OUT!

New characters for ComiX :P

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - April 1st, 2008

Hi all! Finally I have finished ComiX Episode Two! Ok, here's what it's about:

Ian fears the duo are in danger again, as another shop has just opened across the street, and Gordon and Ian fear that they may run out of business because of how well it's doing!

There are three new bonus features at the end, so be sure to watch them will ya :D

Here's the link: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o


ComiX Episode Two Released!

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - March 30th, 2008

Hi all! Yep, it's time to update on ComiX once again. So far, the progress is going really well :D Im hoping to have finished the actual episode by the end of next week, and then I can actually get on with the other sketch for Comix episode Two! Anyway, the whole project is about 60% done at the moment, so for now I shall give you a picture of were I am at so far :P

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o

ComiX Episode Two update!