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Posted by DAGamesOfficial - July 28th, 2008

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Posted by DAGamesOfficial - July 8th, 2008

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ye, this is now a video post :P probs bore you, but ah well :)

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - July 3rd, 2008

Hey everyone. Ok. I went around to my Uncles house to play on the PS3, only to find that he had gotten metal gear solid four. I asked if I could play it, and so I did play... now my after reaction.... CRAP!

Honestly I could not sit and stare at incredibly long cutscenes for SO DAMN LONG. now I know the game is more based on the story, but for 15 - 25 mins i had to sit through the first cutscene, waiting to play. and this game is meant to be an action game? more like NOT. and the story was meant to be GOOD. this is CONFUSING AS HELL! I tried to think about what the story is, but it just went off in different places and just got incredibly confusing. now the gameplay. it's like the enemies are the worst enemies you could come across (Meaning they're shit). They're like dummies basically, they look at you and start to think whether to shoot you or not and they do eventually (figure of speech, but that's what they're like).

I thought the other games of metal gear solid were amazing, but not like this! This really went down hill for me. Basically it was mostly cutscenes, and there wasn't as much action as the other ones I thought. I wish to complete this game so I could say more about it, and it may change my mind, but as of getting half way through the game, it just sucked for me.

but don't let this review change your mind. if you thought all this time that MGS4 was good, get it, I'm not stopping you, and if you like the game, fine. but personally I thought it was the worst in the MGS series.

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - June 27th, 2008

Hey dudes :P Thought i might give you a little drawing i did :D

This is some Diamond Armada picture I made for my newgrounds pictures and stuff, but I was testing out a few features and i just wanted to see what you thought :D

Wow, I'd make that 8 times I've listened to indestructable my Disturbed. and yes what is what kept me in the mood :D

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o

Test Drawing!

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - June 22nd, 2008

Hey all! just to let you all know that the ComiX series has made a return, and this time, with a World of Warcraft Theme! Go check it out at this URL: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

I apologise for those people who have waited 3 months for this cartoon, but for the past 3 months I have been busy with school (exams and such) and music creating... and generally having a life! But In all, this took a week and 2 days to make :P This also comes with 2 extras thought up from jokes we made a long while ago :P

So ye, Please go check it out, and review :P

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - June 21st, 2008

Hey guys. just an update to tell you that ComiX Episode Three will be out on either Sunday or Monday. Should be finished soon. I have to warn you, it isn't AS LONG as the other episodes, but should still give you some minuites of laughter... I hope...

Anyway, I would definately say that the next episode could be better than this one, as I was just thinking of WoW at the top of my head, and in some places it can be a bit boring, but I Guess that's for you to see and to judge. Personally I think the reason why I don't think it's funny is because I've heard the same sounds for pretty long, but from what I've heard from people who have seen it so far, the response on newgrounds should be pretty good.

I must also warn you that the WoW sketches are actually recorded footage from WoW. so yeah...

In some places, a tad bit boring, but in some places it will have you laughing :) so watch out for ComiX Episode Three on NewGrounds shortly :P

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o

Expect ComiX WoW Episode Soon!

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - June 18th, 2008

Hey everyone. Just updating you all on ComiX Episode three

okay, I don't have a clear percentage on how much is done, as I haven't finished ALL of the script yet, but as of now we're passing the half way point of finishing the cartoon. it actually hasn't taken that long to get to this stage since first animating it (which was about 5 days ago) I really want to be able to get this done by the end of this week, and it is more likely you will see it out before the end of this week, so keep looking out for ComiX Episode Three on newgrounds.

In the meantime I better get back to working on ComiX 3.

OH! And by the way, i am trying to think of a decent ending. I want to make a decent enough punchline, so Here's a few Ideas I've got for them

1. Ian: Where the hell is my time?
2. Gordon: OH MY GOD IT'S A TREE! *lots of people start dancing* (highly unlikely this will happen)
3. Ian: There's only one thing we must do... *goes over to Blizzard conference and everything blows up*
4. Gordon: Ian... LOOK! *points at a succubus* I GOT A HOOKER!

Which one do yu guys think would be better? debate on this forum and i will pick the most populer :)

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - June 11th, 2008

Hey people! I've just gotten back into ComiX now, and progress is going pretty good so far. I have a snapshot of the first section of the cartoon.

Basically this is going to be a World of Warcraft Episode. yep that's right, Gordon and Ian decide to try out WoW and see if it IS the internet phenomenom that they thought it would be!

so ye, hope to finish later on in the summer hols :D

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o

ComiX 3 is in the making!

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - June 8th, 2008

Hey dudes. If you haven't check out the awesomeness that is becoming the sprite a day collab series. check it out! :P

were currently the fastest source of quality sprite movies on the planet!!!

to join, PM meatwadsprite, the famous creator of the "ackbar" series, and 16 bit kingdom.

our origional leader has been banned because of an upload incident.

we currently have in our collabs....

diamond-armada <- me :P

we will post all of the events and other sprite a day material on our "sprite a day" forums on "loweryouriq.com"

we hope you will join our efforts to revitalize speed sprite movies!!!!

but in the meantime, you can check out the newest (and highest rated one) now :P at http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/


Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - June 2nd, 2008

Yep that's right. after almost 2 months I've finally come back for a new cartoon. this is the sequal to the successful cartoon "When FANBOYS Collide!" and this time, I'm correcting a fanboy and talking about how wrong they are!

Go watch it here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/
now :P

Hope ya enjoy :D expect ComiX 3 soon :P

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan

"When FANBOYS Collide Two" is out :P