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DAGamesOfficial's News

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - October 5th, 2008

Shut the hell up with all these crappy personal messages, it's pointless! Give it a rest, it's like it all started off with something serious, but then nobody means it when they post it up anyway to take the piss, so stop it, and leave that sort of stuff OFF the front page, thanks :)

anyway, time for some actual news to update on.

Firstly, ComiX. yes, ComiX is back up and running, with a halloween cartoon. this isn't because i want to win something, it's actually because it's the only idea I had at the time of scripting, so yeah it would be nice if I won something though :D but yeah, this should be coming out earlier than halloween, because... well it doesn't HAVE to be on halloween, I mean it's complimentary to post it on the day of halloween, but it's just the same as every other halloween cartoon posted but earlier. so yeah expect to see ComiX coming your way. also to help me could ANYBODY help me with ideas? cus I'm kinda running low :O

Secondly, Voice Acting! I've actually been offered to voice act in a few cartoons over newgrounds, so thank you so much for PMing me and offering me those jobs :) I feature in such cartoons as k111's series Re-Undead, in which I play a character called Seth, a gay bunny, not like a "flaming queen" or anything, but just gay xP also I am set to be in a collab in which one part I voice all of it. also there's this cartoon going about that;s going to be a movie, I dunno if it's going to be in parts, or full movie, or even if it's going to be on newgrounds, but i've auditioned for it and hopefully I should be getting a part, so yeah expect some great toons comin out soon :P but if you wish for me to voice act ino your cartoon, simply email me at diamond-armada@hotmail.co.uk or add me on mSN with the email, or on skype, diamond-armada :) I' very keen in terms of voice acting, it's exciting!

Thirdly, My band! hopefully we should be getting gigs soon :P only locally though, so yeah it should be pretty sweet if peeps can go to it. so if you're in the local area of Leeds, then you are in luck, however if you live in america or canada or anywhere else.... you may still have luck if you can get an actual airport journey here xP but yeah our band is called Land of Hell, and you can check out our myspace here: http://www.myspace.com/lohlandofhell :P we are doing two places, New Roscoe in Leeds, and Cardigan Arms in Leeds, so if you live near there, you're in for some luck :P we have our new album cover at the bottom of this page, it's made in photoshop, and I'm not TOO good at it, so excuse some poor quality :P

Fourthly me and my friends have now made up a playthrough known as NGN playthroughs, we havent really decided on what it stands for, but ah well xP anyway, the first part of the beyond good and evil playthrough is up right now :) I'm not in this one but I will be in the crash twinsanity playthrough, so at the bottom of this page is the playthrough video :D so go check it out and subscribe to us :D

Finally, I am set to be in a collab! I'm not fully sure on what the collab is called, but it piss takes adverts :P I am parodying Cilit Bang! so I will get back to you on what it's called and when it's released! so look forward to that :P

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o

PS: I did a random video, so it's also at the bottom xP

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A very personal message to NewGrounds

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - September 18th, 2008

Hey everyone. I thought I'd set up a front page post of what I am currently doing now!

first of all, I am off to see Lee Evans tomorrow! if you don't know who Lee Evans is, he is an amazing british comedian who is incredibly famous and ha set off to make a record of the biggest show ever, and I'm off to see him tomorrow! if anybody else is going to see him in sheffield, tell me, Ill check around the place xP or if you're going to see him anyway, but not Sheffield, just leave a comment anyway :D

Also, I am set to start in more people cartoons for my voice acting. I'll set up a list of what I'm going to be in soon, but right now I cant remember, besides one cartoon. you may know the Re-Undead series on newgrounds. I am in his third episode, and i am set to star in his sixth episode, just need that script :O but i'll give you a detailed list soon :)

Speaking of voices, I have set up a demo reel for you all, so if you ever need voice acting, come to me :P this is located at the bottom. next to another youtube video I've got

This youtube video was on newgrounds, but it got a crap score seen as though it wasnt REALLY the place for the cartoon, but this is a one hour challenge i was set. basically I had to make the best cartoon I could in one hour, and post it up on the internet. so now IM CHALLENGING YOOOOOOOU :) send us your best cartoon in an hour on the newgrounds post, or to me, so hopefully we can start a collab :P

also, expect some random ass humor in the future, as I am starting to make what Im best at, random shit :) so expect that soon :P

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o

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One last thing, check out my band! http://www.myspace.com/lohlandofhell

Diamond Armada Update Time!

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - September 8th, 2008

Yay! it's wednesday soon, the day I start my first day at college. hopefully things should go great the first day, not like the first day of secondary school, where my first impression sucked. I just gotta act normal and not talk until somebody talks to me, hopefully then it should be great. if things go well, my album and my bands albums will be recognized through this, and we shall become famous :P The good thing about college is that everybody who goes there is bound to have the same interests as you in music, and that builds up more conversation. and best of all, all the PCs... are being converted to macs! and that's what I specialize in :P so hopefully if all goes well, I shall stick with it, if not, i'll go straight to drama college, where i can try pursuing a career as an actor :D either way, I desperately want to be in the media. and i would never act like those celebrities that are always embarrassed through newspapers over things they didn't do! so anyway, just thought i'd let out the word I've started college!

In other news, more spongebob squaredubs are in the making... except for one thing... I can't find any decent episodes that don't always involve me having to say dick jokes and stuff. if anybody has any suggestions for an episode, tell me immediately, so I can find it :P

Also, I should hopefully get back into working with ComiX again, in which will be focused on halloween :P i didn't do TOO well with the ComiX episodes based on strawberry clock, but hopefully this should go down well :)

ok, you may have heard of Oney, right?........ you know.... the Sicksons?...... Grand theft Awesome? YEAH THATS RIGHT! I am voicing in his next cartoon, Scooby Sicky Doo! I will be playing as shaggy :P So look out for that.

Finally, I'm still trying to get myself recognized more for my voice talent, so if you want me to do voices for your cartoon, PM me or email me :)

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - September 6th, 2008


I WANT to stick voice acting and quit animating, but then you'll be mad with that decision and go "DONT QUIT ANIMATING!!!"

So what Im thinking of is quitting every other series I've done besides the new spongebob dub, and just make random cartoons whenever the hell I want. Im not quitting animating, nor voice acting, but I'm doing something i feel relaxed with.

I hope you feel happy with this decision, I hope to god you are.

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - September 1st, 2008

Hey everyone! thought seen as though I've got a new front page post, I should probably update you on what Im doing.

First of all, for those of you who think im quitting animating...Im not anymore! I finally got myself doing more cartoons and I'm happy with them. However I am still aiming more for my voice acting, I will still do the occasional short cartoon. so remember if ya want me to voice act , PM me, or email me at diamond-armada@hotmail.co.uk or on skype diamond-armada.

Now, secondly, I've got a new series in the making, the first episoe is up now and it's called the "DUB" series (don't mistake that for Tomamoto's avatar boredom dub series, cus this it actually with more than just one series) Basically each episode has the word "DUB" in it, so there could be "DragonDUB Z" or "The Fairly DUBBED parents" and I hope to get more voice acting jobs through this series. for the first episode, check out this link: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

thirdlly, I missed the London meet! if you went, tell me what you did so I can geta clear idea of what i could be expecting when I go to the next one :D

Fourthly, I've been accepted into music college! I sent in my results from GCSE's and they replied saying Im in! soI shoudl be going on to do a degree in music and hopefully become an official musician in a band. so yeah, it'd be ace if I was making music, but at the same time making cartoons for all fo you here on newgrounds :P

Finally, Skype a Weekend! if you don't know what it is, go here: http://diamond-armada.newgrounds.com/n ews/post/181139

basicallyl it's be ace if mroe people joined, then we can do bigger and better things!

I guess that's all I shall be updating on for now!

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o

PS: I saw the IMA FIRIN' MAH LAZEEER thingy, and thought I'd make my own original piece to it, enjoy :D

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Posted by DAGamesOfficial - August 26th, 2008

Hey everyone! Ok, me and MaddFlash have come up with an idea, and some might be interested.

The "NewGrounds Skype a Weekend!" where every weekend, newgrounders can talk to each other and discuss their projects, make a collab if they decide to, and just to chat (and it they're lucky, a prank phone call :D)
Try and get skype and add me or RoloTony on "diamond-armada" or "VenomTDub"

Check out the official website here: http://www.diamondarmada.com/skypegrou nds

As for times, I will be available every weekend all the time, except for night UK times and early morning UK times, cus at night obviously I need my sleep, and morning, well I usually get up afternoon times cus I am lazy!

if we get too many people in a conference, we make 2 conferences at once, so if the maximum amount of people are in a conference on skype, we make an extra conference for other people to go in that. and don't worry, you can share what each conference is doing on the IM service on skype. It's ALL free, unless you're planning on prank calling some one.

If you don't know what skype is, go to this here link: http://www.skype.com and download it and make an account :P

an advert will be hosted on newgrounds shortly. Hopefully if all goes well with Luis, we might actually get to talk to them whilst they're on the london meet! I couldn't go to the London Meet cus of parents, but wouldn't it be nice if you could actually talk to the people there? it'd be amazing :D

So yeah, be prepared for "Newgrounds Skype a Weekend" and if all goes to plan "Newgrounds Skype a Day!"

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o

PS: any further questions can be answered on this news post :D

"Newgrounds Skype A Weekend!"

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - August 26th, 2008

Hey everyone... yeah I got somebad news for those who wre expecting to see me at London Meet... I cant go. I have no money left to get to the London Meet and my mum or dad wont give me a lift, so Im afraid I cannot attend.

The only way I can attend is if somebody came to pick me upon their way to London Meet, but I don't think anybody would, so yeah.

sorry for those who were expecting me at London Meet, but the only alternative is for somebody to pick me up, and thats about it really.

Sorry again,

Keep Updated o0 Will Ryan 0o

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - August 17th, 2008

yep that's right. I figured I'd start the xbox 360 song now. the difference between both PS3 song and 360 song, is the ps3 song was already made the 360 song I made ALL myself. you can find my song here"

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zdwlo0x e7wU

this song willb e available on newgrounds audio portal soon :D

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - August 15th, 2008



Just made 2 new ComiX clock day specials! please check them out and vote 5, it would be very appreciated :P!

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - August 3rd, 2008

Hey everyone. in stead of filming this, Im typing this up, cus right now i'm not in the mood enough to say this out loud.

Basically... I'm quitting animating. ok? Every single time i come up with an idea for ComiX, then I can NEVER be arsed animating. if I found another animator, then things would be better. but I doubt any body will want to do that for me. So, Diamond-armada will no longer be an animator series name, but instead a voice acting name. I'm getting really into script writing and voice acting, and i just want to help other people as well with voices and script writing.

I choose to quit animating because when it comes to a project, I can NEVER be bothered in the FUCKING SLIGHTEST to animate it. Sure I'll voice it, heck, I'll script it, but when it comes to animating, those voices and scripts seem like a waste.

No more Diamond-Armada cartoons for now. only voice acting and script writing. I'll probably TRY MY DAMN HARDEST to finish ComiX Halloween, but that's it from me, I will be done :(

But thank you ALL, to the fans, to the staff of newgrounds, to the people who added me and made me feel great, thank you. but You won't be seeing any more cartoons from me unless I get another animator.

So it's a good bye from me for now.

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o

PS: Thank you all once again.... Thank You..