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DAGamesOfficial's News

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - April 16th, 2009

Hey everyone! just thought i'd update with a little advertisement for a playthrough season me and a couple of local friends have thought up. created by Chris Simpson (burntsnow7) he picks 1 person to do a certain game, and they both play through it, and publish onto youtube for your entertainment. I'm doing crash twinsanity, Alex Mercer (Redxb2) is doing alone in the dark, Abbie Bowes (zeonix) is doing Star Ocean 3, and Connor (sixfootbeachgod) is doing rogue galaxy. and Patrick Simpson (xatticusbex) who will be doing ratchet and clank!

You can find our playthroughs here: http://www.youtube.com/burntsnow7 Crash twinsanity part 1 has JUST been uploaded to youtube now, so go check it out now :D or if your too lazy to go onto the profile for that, heres a youtube vid!

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remember to subscribe to burntsnow7 channel!

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Posted by DAGamesOfficial - April 8th, 2009

hey people. well, dyu remember those old games that you cherished when you were younger, and you wanted to live back on those memories? well, I know I do. I found a bunch of PS1 games in my cupboard, and I've decided to make a series on youtube which reviews all of the old games that we all used to play, to get back at the newer generation of games that are coming out.

yes the new games are exciting too, but you couldn't beat the oldies, the feeling of looking back on those games again is a brilliant feeling!s o yeah look out for a new series on youtube called "The Oldies Pinch Back" the first game i will be reviewing is crash bandicoot 2: Corext Strikes Back. classic game, fucking brilliant, but harder than you thought it was when you were younger.

in other news, I thought I'd do a little vocal cover of one of my favourite killswitch engage songs "My Curse" and you can find it here :) yeah I didnt try my best, it's just me having fun, so please don't bash :)

Keep Upated! o0 Will Ryan 0o

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Posted by DAGamesOfficial - April 1st, 2009

Ok, this is really annoying me. the new newgrounds chat is up, but its only in chinese >_<

g0d damn it, I know this is apreel f00ls so you make this webslte a chinese webslte for the funnies, but it's pissing me off that I cant use the NG chat due to it being chinese, we were waiting in line WAAY before this, and now its up, they get a turn first >_< this just plssis me off!

just really annoys me, now this whole webslte is actually giving me a headache, not just because of the situation, but the design as well, it's bright and weird, It's hurting my eyes xP


Keep updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o

OH F00CKING GREAT! NOW I CANT USE THE N00GR0UNDS name properly cus it changes it to "chinese" AW F00CKING HELLL DOS IT HAVE TO BE THIS st00pid! AND NOW I CANT USE CURSE WORDS, IT WONT LET ME USE Fukc ANYMORE! it changes to revolutionary. GRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

This better be an apreel f00ls jooke, PLEASE let it be an apreel f00ls jooke, Im waiting for 12 o clock for everything to change back >_< otherwise im gonna throw a fit!


Posted by DAGamesOfficial - March 14th, 2009

Hey everyone! Thought I'd tell you all that the new ComiX eisode has just been released! go check it out now:


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Posted by DAGamesOfficial - March 4th, 2009

hey everyone. just writing about this new series thats been posted on newgrounds. my good friend paperbat and his friends have released the first episode in the new series calle d"Ranger Doosh Episode 1" so go check it out at this link:


I'd advise you to check this out, it's actually very well put together cartoon, not really using drawings, but edited moving pictures which is actually very imaginative if I say so myself! so yeah GO CHECK IT OUT AND VOTE 5! I didn't make this by the way, I'm writing this so my friend can get some recognition :P

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o

Ranger Doosh Episode 1

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - February 16th, 2009

*edit* would you please stop fucking bashing me? god damn it, I try think of an idea and I get screwed over for it >_<

Hey, just letting the word out that Im starting a new profile specifically for gaming parodies, and I hope to get a group together on it. http://paradize.newgrounds.com

I am starting off the profile with an Assassins Creed spoof. but it'd be great if we could get a whole group together to make these animations! *EDIT* changed the name to bastard creed.

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o

PS: nothing pleases you guys does it. Im trying my best, and you're bashing me again. Im nto leaving again, just Im vert pissed off with it thats all

New Game Parody Profile!

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - February 8th, 2009

Ok, the previous post (not the one about me quitting but the one about comparisons of oneys and egoraptors work) received a great number of you bashing me for expressing my opinion. I just wanna clear it up that maybe I was wrong, maybe I was right, cus a lot of people are also saying that what I say is true. so what have I gathered from this? Well, people are entitled to their opinion that's what, and i believe that I should be entitled to one too. If you don't like it, you don't call them a fucking faggot or a n00b or a retard etc, you learn to say "Ok, though I disagree with your opinion" and leave it at that, THAT way I wouldn't have much problem with it at all. But what I've learnt from newgrounds is that the newer generation of newgrounders are hypnotized by the very means of leet speak, with phrases like n00b. Plus every now and then they'll use sexual references to try and please people, and use the same insults like "GO AND blah blah blah" which is WAY too oversued cus they can't think of a decent comeback. So, people WILL bash me, so I guess i'll have to learn to get over that, but what pisses me off is that people don't take kindly to an opinion different to theirs. Please learn to get over it and accept the opinion, and not just insult away.

Because of the many people DOING so, I nearly forced myself to quit newgrounds for good, but thanks to FRIENDS, that makes a difference. Come on, I've gotten this far, 12 awards, 556 artists have faved me, and recognition of the ComiX series is spreading like mad, Why should i stop here, because of some fat 13 year old who can't control his blood sugar and resist the temptation to jack off to Ariel from the little mermaid? There IS no reason, I have every right to express my opinion, and by bashing it, that's just way out of line, and those offences REALLY DO offend me. I'm sure Im not alone on this, a lot of you may have had the same problem as me, so you'll know what I've been through.

All I want to say is, Don't think of me as a bad man, cus I'm not, I am genially a nice person to people who welcome kindness to a conversation, and all I wanna do is get along with a lot of people, upload cartoons for those who are anxious to watch, and feel free to use freedom of speech. speaking of which, what ever happened to freedom of speech? Because from the looks of the last post, that didn't apply, which I believe is wrong.

So come on guys, Please don't think of me as a shit person, cus I'm not :) Thanks

As for Updates, ComiX is in progress again, ComiX episode Five has had the script written, the voices done, and now I'm just waiting to animate it now. as for our band, we have released a new song "Revisiting The Past" which you can find at http://www.myspace.com/colonyofficial Here is the video also:

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And as for voice acting, I'm still available to do voices for people, just add me on MSN at diamond-armada@hotmail.co.uk or on Skype, diamond-armada :)

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o

Just wanna clear some things up.

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - February 6th, 2009

I'm tired of all the stupid abuse I get on here, and on skype, im fucking sick to death of it. I try my damned hardest to put something out, and true i get a lot of positives, but the majority of the time It ends up with people bashing me. So yeah, things might change, you never know, way off in the near future I might actually come back. but if I keep getting bashed for my own opinion, then screw it, I might as well just leave now before I cause anymore trouble.

so yeah, thank you haters, you've just made my day >:( fuck you, and bye.

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - February 1st, 2009

Ok. just got onto newgrounds to watch some awesome cartoons. and I looked upon Left 4 Speed, check it out, oney made it and it kicks ass!

Now, I was reading a bunch of reviews about it, and a lot of them were saying "IT SHOULD BE LEFT 4 AWESOME CAUSE IT LOOKS LIKE EGORAPTOR WOULD MAKE THAT!" or "EGORAPTOR RIP OFF!" and shit like that... when it looks NO WHERE NEAR like the awesome series. Egoraptors awesome series has big eyes with no pupils, Oney's are wide eyes with small pupils. Egoraptor has HUGE eyebrows on his angry faces, Oneys just as squiggly lines. Egoraptors whole style together is different to Oneys, which makes oney unique and original.

True, it's fast paced, but come on, nowadays thats what you have to do to make it more FAST PACED comedy, thus why it was called "LEFT 4 SPEED!" notice the SPEED, because its FAST, not because IT LOOKS LIKE EGORAPTOR!

It's like everything nowadays is referred to egoraptor. true, egoraptor is a huge icon and has already taken the fast paced awesomeness to a new level, but Oney's work is uniquely different, in terms of animation AND style, AND humor. You don't seem to realize that the majority of the cartoons you see that you compare to egoraptors aren't actually LIKE egoraptors AT ALL. I recall somebody creating "Iron Bad" which people KIND of reffered to it as looking like egoraptors work, YOU WERE WRONG. this is mearly called a FAST PACED PARODY, not "EGORAPTOR WANNABEE ART"

You know what? NOW you've given me an idea for a short cartoon. I said I'd give up... I still am for a long time, but this is a one off cartoon I cannot afford to miss. cus it just shows how stereotypically viewed the majority of newgrounds is, and it will be entitled "When FANBOYS Collide Three" :)

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Is EVERYTHING like egoraptor now?!

Posted by DAGamesOfficial - January 23rd, 2009

Hey guys, thought I'd give you a heads up on our new album. we have an EP album on sale now, including 4 of our best songs on "The Sky" album. Go buy it now at http://www.cafepress.com/ColonyOfficia l now :P

Track List:

01: Speed Like A Hurricane
02: Ruined Playground
03: Tears Drop To The Ground
04: The Sky

it is $11.00 USD, and £7.47 GBP. I know, expensive for an EP album, but they don't do any better deals and we need profit xP so go buy or album now :D

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o

New album out now!